Congrats to everybody who was accepted in this first round! Those accepted get calls today congratulating them and they should find their status updated on AADSAS shortly, if not already.

Now you can relax and no longer stress about if you will ever be a dentist! (Lucky for you!)

Here are a few reminders now that you are in:

  •  Maintain your grades! Don’t let senioritis kick in fully! Yes, you don’t have to get “A”‘s anymore, but they are still recommended if you want to keep that GPA up for graduation. You won’t be kicked out of dental school for receiving “B’s”.
  • Complete the classes you told the AADSAS application you were planning on taking. Your acceptance can be revoked if you do not complete those classes as your decision factored in your upcoming workload.

Meet your class mates! Visit The Student Doctor Network forms threads for school specific acceptances!


Kick back, relax, and enjoy your senior year! You earned it! If you would like, let me know where you got in using Ask Elias!

Hey everybody!

After seeing the popularity of the post Recommended Resources for Pre-Dental Students, I decided to release the full list of resources!

Today we celebrate the release of the Ultimate List of Pre-Dental Resources! The list can be found at the top of the website in between “Ask Elias” and “Portfolio“. It contains many of the links I have looked through and collected over the years. I would highly recommend using it to its full potential. There is much more information there than I will be able to relay on

The plan is to keep the list growing as I discover new resources. I also hope to figure out a way of making it much more organized. Currently I am looking into organizing using buttons or hover-over text-boxes. If you have any recommended links of your own, please send them through “Ask Elias”! Of course, you will be credited for your find!

The list will also be going onto AlmazDensitry’s sister website Pre-Dental Society at UC Irvine so keep on the look out!

Have a great weekend!

Right now we are in the middle of secondary application season for those who have already submitted thier AADSAS applications. If you have not submitted your application, please do so as soon as possible!

Secondary applications, also called supplemental applications, are used by many dental schools to get to know their applicants better, prior to offering an interview. A supplemental application allows dental schools to ask for additional information  that is not covered in the generic AADSAS application, but is important to that schools mission. Typically, you are asked to complete a supplemental application shortly after a dental school receives your AADSAS application and you have cleared the initial review stage. Supplemental applications typically have a short answer prompt, a few questions, as well as a supplemental application fee. Please BE SURE to pay the fee immediately, dental schools will not review your supplemental application until the fee is paid. Do not slow down your application because of this. This fee is individual from the AADSAS fee you previously paid.

Essay/short answer topics can vary greatly from school to school. They can be as simple as “Why Us?” or as open ended as a “What Would You Do?” in XYZ scenario. I would highly encourage  doing research about your desired schools ahead of time so you can give yourself adequate time to answer the short answer properly. Most schools post their supplementary application online and they commonly use the same one for many years.

Alternatively, you may find individuals talking about the supplemental application essays on resources like Giving yourself the advantage by doing this research will save you the stress of having to keep track and complete several secondary applications in the allotted time they give you. The ADEA has an excellent and up-to-date breakdown of what schools have supplemental as well as what to expect from each supplemental application so you can get items like photos, high school transcripts, and so-on, ready to submit.

Remember, your answer to the short answer is just as important as your personal statement. Having a weak short answer supplemental shows the dental school that you do not care and that their school is a low priory to you. It is vital to maintain the same quality level throughout your application.

If you have any questions please submit them using the Ask Elias page. Have a good day everybody!